Tuesday, March 22, 2011

outfit 40--turquoise granny shirt, belt and gray pants

oh, camera dear how i have missed you, for one whole week i have not taken photos and connected visually with the world....turqoise "grandma" like shirt--according to one of my 9th graders....another one pipes in, "no, it's like pajamas...
it is a good thing with my ninja like verbal skills i come back with responses like " oh, like grandma pajamas, huh guys...but I can pull it off, cuz i am cool like that, right?  yeah, right:)
oh, blessed saturday shopping spree, new dansko style sandals!  LOVE THEM!  thank you modern shoe, downtown, provo for having a 10% off sale.  
little flower brooch attached to the elastic belt for embellisment
iridescent black earrings by me to finish off the outfit:)

shirt--no idea (grandma's closet?)
gray pants--old navy
belt--i think thrifted
flower and earring accents--me


  1. hey
    you probably wanted it that way, but I noticed the close-up of the belt brooch (which is darling btw) was rotated...sometimes blogger just does that and I can't figure out why...but I have discovered if I save my files as png instead of jpg they stay the way the right direction. Hope you have a great day!

  2. That belt is so cool! I love it and I love how you wore it over the shirt!