Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my camera is still on the fritz!

okay, so like, i ordered this replacement camera
--you know--and it came and everything 
and i was SOOOO happy 
and then I went to use it and, 
like, totally, can you believe it DIDN'T work!
--i am lost without it.....
so like, luckily i ordered it off amazon.com and they have
.....like the best return policy----
ever, but in the meantime
--still no pictures of my awesome cute-fat-short outfits

outfit 41--silver pants and black dressy thing

so the black dressy thing is a bit too short for my comfort--you say how can that be?  
you are the shortest person i know?  
ahhh, well my answer to you is that you may not teach jr. high 
and sit or stand very un-lady like the whole day:)
i was in a totally bad mood about the heat/air conditioning in my bldg...
so i broke the rules and wore my cute, cute sandals! 
dressy thing--cato's--$14
silver pants--thrifted--can't remember
dansko sandals--bought at modern shoe--$114 
earrings--chico's--can't remember

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

outfit 40--turquoise granny shirt, belt and gray pants

oh, camera dear how i have missed you, for one whole week i have not taken photos and connected visually with the world....turqoise "grandma" like shirt--according to one of my 9th graders....another one pipes in, "no, it's like pajamas...
it is a good thing with my ninja like verbal skills i come back with responses like " oh, like grandma pajamas, huh guys...but I can pull it off, cuz i am cool like that, right?  yeah, right:)
oh, blessed saturday shopping spree, new dansko style sandals!  LOVE THEM!  thank you modern shoe, downtown, provo for having a 10% off sale.  
little flower brooch attached to the elastic belt for embellisment
iridescent black earrings by me to finish off the outfit:)

shirt--no idea (grandma's closet?)
gray pants--old navy
belt--i think thrifted
flower and earring accents--me

outfit 39--wool skirt and we love color tights!

recycled wool--found at thrift stores, cut into strips becomes the latest sewing project! 

vintage button from grandma z on the waistband! 
yay for tights that fit and are comfortable! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

outfit 38--chico stripes and random beaded necklace

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well, dropped my camera and it quit working so these are the pictures you get!  i even included my i.d. tag in the top two!  and the first picture is me rushing to shut the door in the 10 sec. self timer shot, hah!  i also have a coldwater creek burgandy jacket, in case it gets chilly:) not likely with these HOT jr. high students that i teach and this FABULOUS weather we are having!  have a great weekend! 

outfit 37--fav red shirt and new fabric flower

one of the only times i have splurged and paid full price for a shirt at lane bryant--it is because i didn't want to risk it being gone by the time they went on sale or clearance.  i love it and it is so, so comfortable.  maybe i flatter myself, but i think it flatters me:)
making a dress out of the hounds tooth knit (can't wait!) with the leftovers made this fabric flower corsage.  the third and largest flower is made out of a vintage trim i found at DI.  i just pleated it around into a circle and hot glued it! 
love my soft leather dansko mary janes--i bought them several seasons ago and haven't seen them available again:(
today the weather was like 60 degrees--awesome--getting ready to plant some flowers and tomatoes, teaching the youth beekeeping class and take a nap:)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

outfit 36--mixed colors

green jacket/shirt--thrifted venezia (lane bryant)--$1
shirt--thrifted bechamel (dillards)--$4-$5
scarf as belt--thrifted--$1
shoes--born--dillards clearance--?
necklace--chicos--full price, can't remember:)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

outfit 35--i love pearls and dressbarn sweater $1

i am particular fond of my facial expressions in these pictures,
it shows the mood i might have been--
this year i end my teaching day in a particularly rough way
and some days it makes me grumpy
it makes me grumpy because i do the best i can to help them learn,
i want my students to do they best they can to learn,
and sometimes it seems these two things aren't meshing well--
(i hope it doesn't sound like i am complaining)
i have started two sewing projects: can't wait to have the energy to finish them:)
weather wise i had the best both of worlds
--snow in morning, sun in afternoon--
that is my favorite utah weather pattern
i love pearls--thanks sis and grandma
black and goldish sweater--thrifted dressbarn--$1
pants--lane bryant--$49.50 but i think i got them on sale
boots--cozie steps--sam's club--$40
necklaces--gold/pearls gift from my sister,
knotted pearls vintage from Grandma Linda,
extra long strand i can't remember

Monday, March 7, 2011

outfit--34--purple and polka dots EBEW

love this outfit--i don't know if these pictures show it off as well as i want! 
love the ruffles, and the jewelry was a more recent find
the shoes are a patent leather penny loafer, love the shine with the shiny shirt
purple wraparound--lane bryant--?
polka dot skirt--i.n.studio--dillards--?
tights and tank--don't know--?
shoes--rockport, when they made women's shoes--?

Polka Dots </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywear

Friday, March 4, 2011

outfit 33--i love orange!

second day of parent teacher conference..... and i needed some lovely orange to warm and wake me up!  i think as its neutral, gray looks good with orange. 
 isn't the scarf a fabulous shot of color? 
 when i see pictures of my face i think i have some dark circles under my eyes....maybe i should put some make-up on...and  then i think, oh, i get up too early and i am too lazy:)
 notice the washer necklace
orange long sleeve t-shirt--old navy--can't remember price
cardigan--refashioned venezia sweater $1
scarf--thrifted $1
washer necklace--gift from student
gray pants--lane bryant--reg. price about $50
shoes--silver leopard dansko clogs--reg. price about $100 i get all my dansko at modern shoe

Thursday, March 3, 2011

outfit 32--another black sweater

i can't smile today--first day of 2 day parent teacher conferences, i woke up at 2:30 in the morning and i get to stay until 7 tonight.....i am so tired that i am saving all my energy for the talking later:)
love this shirt, makes me feel like i am participating in a sunset on the ocean:) although this particular shot really accents the boobs...mmmm.......
I shined my dansko shoes during class, the toes were all scuffed--that was nice:)
pants--lane bryant
shoes dansko
crocheted flower in hair by a friend

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

outfit 31--pattern of the 80's--turquoise and black checked

 turquoise black checked dress--lane bryant clearance
tank--don't know
socks--black knee highs from sam's club
okay, it could not have been a nicer day...i decided to have sub zero ice cream for dinner...smile:)  this dress makes me extremely happy because i am SURE i had this pattern back in my jr. high days!  it is a tank top style with a few ruffles peeking out so i have a black sweater over it but i love the length!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

outfit 30--springy pink polka dots and white cotton

love this outfit, don't have much more to say than that!  except i don't show my shoes cuz' my school has a closed toe shoe policy the socks and shoes are ugly:)  needs to be worn with sandals!

earrings by me:)

green jacket--thrifted Bill Blass,  white peasant top--I.N. studio (dillards),  pink skirt--napa valley (dillards), hot pink tank--faded glory (wal-mart)