Tuesday, November 29, 2011

red sweater with hood and pockets=smile

 a venezia thin red sweater for $4--oh, yeah!  with pockets and a hood, even better!  afraid it is my new favorite!  rockport leather shoes in the same shade are just so worth it when you are on your feet all day!  gray lane bryant pants and some floral accents top it all off!  the silver rose pin in the middle is from Grandma--yeah for vintage jewelry!  love my chicos earrings--match so many things!  

the thing i am most grateful for today is that we have paid off a credit card that has been "haunting" us for years!  i am proud of us (my spouse and I)  to have committed to change our consumer behavior over time.  we did not declare bankruptcy, we are establishing a positive credit history and learning to make do with the stuff we have.

have you experienced something like this before?  if feels fabulous freeing!