Thursday, February 24, 2011

outfit 28--nautical or political?

well, i had first started off the morning with white nylons....but by the time i got to school and walked down the hallway they had begun to slip down and pull my underwear with it...and if your an endowed mormon you know what THAT mean...extra white around the calves....not a good wardrobe moment:) HAH!
then, we have this totally dorky male teacher who says inappropriate things all the time and says-- (imagine with me, as i mock him, in a very low voice, bouncing my head back and forth)-- uh, very patriotic today"--i say, thanks but not quite the look i was going for, i mean jackie o could wear some pearls but i don't think that is what HE meant, really?....and so I walk away....
 oh, but grandma's pearls make me happy juxtapositioned against the sparkly red tank!
and the comfy red dansko mary janes.  the striped socks came as an emergency lunch time fill in when the nylons ended up in the garbage after the morning underwear fiaso....
the dress in lane bryant $? since i always buy clearance i guess less than $20
the tank is lane bryant, same deal,
socks came from sam's club in a seasonal display 3 pr. for $10,
shoes dansko about $80,
vest is "free country" brand and i think it is from sam's club, too