about me

Well, I always want something new to wear. Luckily, it doesn't actually have to be new, it just has to be new to me. So, i am constantly going to thrift stores like D.I.--which if you don't live in Utah, is like the mother of all thrift stores, true awesomeness. However, Savers has better deals on clothes and I need to branch out every once in a while so I will go other places. I always say, I like when "fat girls go skinny "and give their stuff away because it is score time for me!

The other thing is this. Trav and I have been desperately trying to get out of debt. it seems like it takes forever. i am so done with having much of my income going to debt that i am ready to change one of my habits by changing my consumption of new retail clothes--for at least awhile:)

In addition, it seems no matter what i try i will never lose weight so i might as well accept this size as what i am going to be and deal....

After repurposing a pair of pants into a skirt and a sweater into a vest and getting good feedback from my jr. high students, which will tell you if you suck:) AND finding this totally inspirational website, I am hooked. I want to try this new stuff to me for as cheap as possible.

Here are my obvious limitations: I am a fat girl: I naturally have to shop the largest sizes in the thrift stores anyway so not everything is going to be super large on me. I am short so not all styles are going to look good on my, especiall my short fat neck which collars already don't work well. I am modest so short dresses and sleeveless are not an option, either.

I think I would like to impose the following limitations on myself for an added challenge: For the rest of the school year, I will not buy anything clothing-wise at a retail store. I may buy 2 pair of boots and socks and underwear, if needed--but no other outwear. I also may buy thread or other notions to mend and blend....but even my fabric will be bought at thrift stores. The hardest part is the budget. Easy peasy would be $10 a week for 2 or 3 new items. Harder would be $7 for 2 items. Hardest would be $5 for two new items a week. (I don't need or want something new every day!)