Thursday, April 14, 2011

outfit 45--argyle $1 thrifted sweater

this sweater was only $1(--maybe it looks like it--?)
i loved it because it is a thin sweater, with a hood and a classic argyle pattern
"pink and power brown" is one of my favorite color combos! 
however, next to my face, beige is not a good color, 
thus, i added the scarf to help maintain the healthier tones of my skin:)
i was excited, too, because my socks are pink and brown argyle,
"and then i am thinking oh, my gosh, it was like, perfect, because you know the pattern is there and repeated in the other place and it gets me all happy with repitition" 
fluttering hand motions inserted all along that exaggerated verbalism....brought to you by teaching jr. high all day, oh--they wear off on ya a bit:)
without the jacket and a little closer view, you can see the cute floral print and ruffles of the skirt. 
the pink t-shirt is okay for the summer but it is too casual for normal school wear. 
HOWEVER, it was 79 degrees in my room,
BECAUSE my room has been turned into a computer lab and has 28 computers for test taking
AND the air conditioning broke.....blech,
79 degrees plus 7 classes of stinky teenagers, does NOT a happy teacher make:)
this is where my basil and cilantro are going to be planted in about a month! 
what are you planting in your garden this year?

socks--sam's club
skirt--thrifted--aqua blues 
shirt--sam's club
sweater/jacket--thrifted--$1--woman within
earrings--made by me