Thursday, April 21, 2011

outfit 50--winter still.....

today i wanted to stay in my pajamas:  really badly!  so i opted for a comfortable pant and sweater combo instead!  this sweater was $1 at the savers monday colored tag sale!  yipee! 
my sister posed a question to me that has gotten me thinking, can i imagine feeling good all the time?  i have several ailments (fibromyalgia, migraines, ibs, social anxiety) that prohibit me from saying phrases like "i feel awesome!"  mostly i end up saying "i don't feel too bad".  what i would do if i felt good all the time?  would i DO or BE much different?   
i dream of swimming with the dolphins and moving as fast as they do, as free as they seem and as effortlessly as they swim.  it is the only time i imagine those phrases of FREEDOM, MOVEMENT, EFFORTLESSLY, WEIGHTLESSNESS.  the implication being pain free, but not as important. 
wish i could be wearing the sandals all day long at school, they are much cuter than the flats:)

black sweater--mountain lake--$1
beige pants--lane bryant--$40ish
black sandals--dansko--$114ish
black flats--terrasoles, sams club--$40ish
pearl necklace--gift from Melissa, sister
pearl brooch--grandma linda
bling earrings--don't remember