Thursday, February 3, 2011

outfit 16--brown silk cashmere sweater

 here is me in front of my tiny one window room and my largest bulletin board.  luckily i have yellow chairs.
this is my steal of the deal sweater: ralph lauren cashmere/silk sweater for $7 at savers.  i about peed my pants with that deal.  my dress is dillard's bechamel (clearance for about $10), knee high socks and boots from Sam's club $10 and $40
oh so cute, comfy and warm!
an extreme close up of the yummy sweater and its ruffles, is the collar and the ruffles an okay combination?

socks and scarves
thank you elaine at "i'm clothed much" for answering my question yesterday--i think i want to spend $1000 and get every pair.
Plus Size Nylon/Lycra Tights
they have 51 colors, fishnets, and tie dye.  ohhhhh, makes a girl who loves color purrr....continue to the scarf rack for more color purring....
 buffy and i looking at my collection of scarves----oooooooh look at all those wonderful colors and textures!
i found this quilt rack at a consignment shop, painted it turquoise and hung it on the wall to hold my fabric.  purrrrr, as buffy would say:)