Monday, February 14, 2011

outfit 23--pastel purple wool coat

okay this is another awesome thrift store find: this wool jacket was a half-price tag sale at savers
so it was $3.50.  it is a liz claiborne lana and rabbit hair wool.  i love it! 
the scarf is a thrift store find, $1 , it is polyester blend, i usually prefer and only buy cotton.  
i made an exception because it is super soft and i love the colors. 
the day was warmish and very gray,
with a touch of wind
my sinus's say i need sleep today!
the t-shirt is old navy thrifted $5--nothing special price, but a 3/4 sleeve white scoop neck is always needed
accented with a crocheted flower from my friend
all together:  with cute gray flats from sam's club with purple polka dots and bows $10
a southern utah desert flower in the legume family,
in the purple color scheme
to remind me of yummy summer days ahead!