Tuesday, October 25, 2011

too hot or too cold

so, my school is supposed to have air conditioning.  it works in the morning and somehow not in the afternoon.  so with full classes, my little room gets to be like 76 or 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is really hot for me to be walking around the classroom, I start to sweat and getting irrationally agitated. 
I wear sandals.  There is something about if my feet are cool then I feel cooler....that is my problem solving way of dealing with the heat.  The only issue is that we are supposed to have a closed toe/heel shoe policy at our school.  (It just is and we could have a completely different debate about why that is, but I choose to not engage about that now.)
I liked how this outfit turned out!  The green and gold scarf that my friend Emily brought me back from Jerusalem ties in with my dansko shoes and gold earrings.  The ruffled skirt has those cute little roses with a touch of green.   
here is to changing weather, too hot or too cold buildings and having a great day!