Tuesday, February 22, 2011

outfit 26--gray ruffly skirt and purple tights with green jacket

 i am so excited about this post i hardly know where to start.  first of all, here i am in the allergy specialists office, sitting and waiting for my appointment.  after last weeks flu and 2nd sinus infection in 2 months i decided to "get tough" on sinusitus!
still waiting for the initial instructions but man are those gray ruffles and purple tights so cute!
 here are what the tests looked like!  i am such a science nerd and the nurse jamie was so accommodating to take a picture of my back....looks like i am allergic to house dust, cats (duh--i have 3) junipers, dogs, cattle, thistle, and probably a few other seasonal things.

 now i am waiting for the doctor to come in and talk to about options...why not have a self photo shoot? 

 leaning up against the bed with oh so sanitary paper on it (yeah, right)  have you felt protected just because the paper was there? 
 anyway it has a good spot to put my foot up pose
here is how i wore the outfit on sunday-remember--mormons get to wear their outfits twice:)
here is part of the reason i am so excited about this post--i MADE the freakin' adorable skirt! YEEHAW! no pattern--big long rectangle, like 2 1/2 yards of gray nylon.  measured the 25' length for the skirt (i am only 5'2") out of the width of fabric.   then with the rest of the width i cut two 10" widths for the ruffle.  i first hemmed both top and bottom of the two ruffle peices with my roll hem foot. then using my ruffle foot i ruffled them every 6th stitch.  i sewed each ruffle on top of the length of skirt.  i added a thin elastic band to the top and then sewed one seam down the back and voila!
green jacket--lane bryant clearance $10--taliored by my friend Jevann
purple t-shirt--august silk-is that walmart? can't remember
belt--DI--$3--score big time because it is actually women's size!
skirt--me--from fabric in a bag of thrifted fabric $4
purple tights--lane bryant--can't remember cost
shoes--sam's club--$9.71