Tuesday, March 6, 2012

all red, all week!

hand made/sewed wool skirt, thrifted $1 red sweater, knee high socks and dansko shoes=warm and comfy
red lace tank, khaki lane bryant pants, danso red shoes and black cardigan

red lane bryant shirt. aunt debra's scarf she made me and grandma's inherited brooch--pretty! 

for the week of valentines day....holy crap have i not been blogging lately....i wore red all 5 days...here are 3 of the outfits.  i forgot to take pictures the other two days. 

ruffly shirt

one of my favorite thrift store finds!  the lane bryant ruffly shirt and the brown cardigan!  each like $4!  woohoo!  paired with some old navy pants and my trusty danskos, i am set and warm....

a close up of the rufflies:)

so, the theme of the year is COMFORT!  compared to last year where i wanted variety and color, all i feel like wearing is something comfortable....when you are supposed to be dressing semi-professional it is a bit trying to be comfortable and dressy! 

these pants have now been added to the donate pile,
they are comfortable
but man are they ugly in this picture
they accent the fatness of the legs:)

so I have been reading sherlock holmes lately...love it!