Wednesday, April 13, 2011

outfit 44--green "u-knit" maxi dress

are you old enough to remember "U-Knits?" 
i sewed them all the time in jr. high and high school. 
i didn't try to afford the name brand
but if i remember right they had see through dressing rooms,
every item was either solid colors or a stripe so you could mix and match the belts, skirts, shirts, dresses, etc.  (i even made a jumpsuit with a zipper in the back:))
oh, btw, i am a fake red-head now, instead of fake-blonde...
love the color, love the transition as i will probably go dark/natural for the summer...
i fashioned this dress in honor and memory of "u-knits". 
i first called my mom to see if she remembered,
i then went through my visual memory and couldn't really recall .....then, BAM,
it hit me how i could turn this peice of rectangular knit loveliness into a dress with minimal cutting! 
so, at 3 a.m. i got up and sewed while watching "pillars of the earth" episodes 7 and 8 on dvd. 
don't all your best ideas and memories hit you at 3 a.m.?  mmmm......
the pin is inherited from grandma linda, 
the watch is a birthday present i bought for myself when i turned 30,
oh, so many years ago:)
the rings are from my once boyfriend, now husband, mr. man, trav, baby cakes
and other pet names that deem appropriate at certain times:)
the "scarf belt" is from a friend/visiting teacher
who brought it back from her trip to india/mid-east--thank you emily
dress--me, from thrifted fabric
green shirt underneath--downeast basics
scarf--gift from a distant land:)
pin--inherited from grandma
watch--citizen from jcpenney
earrings--gold from jcpenney
sandals--dansko (i know, big shocker, huh?)
Harry and I say "bye for now, come back and visit soon!" 
Harry is my 20 lb. maine coon,
my gentle giant, my cuddle bear, my first cat as an adult--oh, he is sweet!