Wednesday, May 18, 2011

outfit 63--yellow, purple floral

i went out on a fashion limb:  i really wanted to wear these purple tights because it is May 17th and raining--still--and a little bit cold and A LOT gray.  in a way i guess i created my own fabric "garden" with the floral skirt and bright yellow sweater.   so the limb is, can a person this old and fat where this many colors? 
my limb says YES!  i LOVED this outfit.  it was comfortable and bright and challenged my comfort zone of wearing "matchy-match" clothes. 

a view of my necklace, a hint of the purple up top.
this is what i saw looking down.  it made me very happy!

sweater--old navy.  skirt--lane bryant.  tights--lane bryant.  shoes--thrifted.  jewelry--kohls