Monday, October 31, 2011

1000 springs road--awesome road trip

Near Twin Falls Idaho,  there is my favorite weekend road trip excursion!  Road 30 is also called Thousand Springs Road.  Near the Snake River it has over 1000 hot springs, the most gorgeous river valley, fossil beds and a few more miles up the road Shoshone Falls. 
 A couple of shots of Shoshone Falls, this year's volume is tremendous compared to the last few year's volume.  The sound was TREMENDOUS!  It calms my heart to hear the sound of water! 
 This is us staying in the Queen Dome at Miracle Hot Springs.  The door is shorter than my husband, heated tile floors, a small space heater, and really comfy bed!  Miracle Hot springs is THE BEST!  You can rent a private pool for between 1-2 hours.  The water comes out at 114 degrees. sore muscles = gone!

Weekend clothing includes sweats from Lane Bryant, a Shopko tank top underneath the turquoise jacket from Dillards.....all old, all comfy, all road trip worthy!  Oh, can't forget the Croc flips from Big Lots!

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

featured and fall

Happy Surprises!  I was featured on this blogpost as a top ten Mormon fashion blogger!  I am so honored!  I love that we can make a choice and a difference by doing something different than the expected!  Yay for Modesty!

Love you all!

Each shirt was 99 cents on a Monday night at Savers!  This black skirt has been one of my best purchases EVER!  Fashion Bug years ago and pounds has fit me through all sorts of sizes and years!  And of course, my Dansko sandals!

love the fall time, by the way!  the cooler nights and fall leaf colors are fabulous! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

too hot or too cold

so, my school is supposed to have air conditioning.  it works in the morning and somehow not in the afternoon.  so with full classes, my little room gets to be like 76 or 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is really hot for me to be walking around the classroom, I start to sweat and getting irrationally agitated. 
I wear sandals.  There is something about if my feet are cool then I feel cooler....that is my problem solving way of dealing with the heat.  The only issue is that we are supposed to have a closed toe/heel shoe policy at our school.  (It just is and we could have a completely different debate about why that is, but I choose to not engage about that now.)
I liked how this outfit turned out!  The green and gold scarf that my friend Emily brought me back from Jerusalem ties in with my dansko shoes and gold earrings.  The ruffled skirt has those cute little roses with a touch of green.   
here is to changing weather, too hot or too cold buildings and having a great day!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

feeling awesome cute!

 love those days when an outfit just comes together and you get all sorts of compliments and feel awesome cute!  i sometimes find myself dressing a bit color bold, pattern heavy and what some people might call young for my age......
 i just nod my head and say, i am immature:) 
i mean who my age gets a zit so painful that it makes your eyesocket ache?  Haahahah?! see that beauty right between the eyes?  hope your day is fabulous!

shrug--lane bryant
tank top--wal-mart
skirt--thrifted fabric and sewn by me
necklace and earrings--boutique clearance