Friday, March 4, 2011

outfit 33--i love orange!

second day of parent teacher conference..... and i needed some lovely orange to warm and wake me up!  i think as its neutral, gray looks good with orange. 
 isn't the scarf a fabulous shot of color? 
 when i see pictures of my face i think i have some dark circles under my eyes....maybe i should put some make-up on...and  then i think, oh, i get up too early and i am too lazy:)
 notice the washer necklace
orange long sleeve t-shirt--old navy--can't remember price
cardigan--refashioned venezia sweater $1
scarf--thrifted $1
washer necklace--gift from student
gray pants--lane bryant--reg. price about $50
shoes--silver leopard dansko clogs--reg. price about $100 i get all my dansko at modern shoe