Saturday, January 15, 2011

outfit 3--black on black with a touch of color

trav and i are getting better at taking pictures, and we will keep practicing.  i love black, i could wear it every day,  this collard shirt is another $1 lane bryant find and i love it because it doesn't bug my neck but it breaks up the solid black. 

tank top, flat laying collared shirt, favorite old navy cotton sweater and cute earrings with crocheted accent flowers to not appear like a "goth". or "emo"....
ladies, i love my lane bryant pants, they fit so well, worth every penny!  my dansko "lady janes" and we are set to teach those jr. highers! 

outfit 2--sheer color and gathered front

mostly i like the look on my face of this picture....this shirt looks pretty good on, but i am not sure now that i look at the photographs.  i got this Lane Bryant shirt at Saver's for $1 and the only thing "wrong" with it was the ribbon had come out of the middle.
so i took the ribbon completely out, got a safety pin and re-threaded it!  i think that the sleeves are too long and i could do something about that, like hem them or put elastic in them.  i like the softer colors of this shirt without it being too pastel.
i wear a good neutral tank top underneath and the layers keep me warm.  i accent it with one of my homemade wool flowers and i got several compliments at school....the pants i have had forever and they are an Old Navy taupe brown. 
don't you think the purple nails go great?