Sunday, February 6, 2011

a rare saturday post, sunday variation

so i don't promise to always do weekend posts because i hardly ever get dressed, let alone dressed up! but we had a great party at my mom's house.  One thing i am hoping to learn is to mix colors and patterns together in this new fashionably sensible way.  I mean, i grew up in a time when everything was matchy matchy.... 
I have this great leopard skirt.  So, I put brown striped knee high socks and my chocolate brown boots. 
then i layered a white oldy navy shirt, a lane bryant pink lace tank top and my newest thrift store find--ralph lauren silk cashmere sweater.  then i added a thrift store scarf, pinks and other colors. 
trav and I -- oh so cute!
a nice butt shot--gives a perspective of the outfit--other fun members of my family
 so sunday i changed it up a bit and wore a dark turquoise blue downeast shirt, black $1 sweater a thrift store find, and my scarf that was a gift from my friend.   that is my cat--harry bear--isn't he adorable? 
i just realized i wore black and brown together, I hardly ever do that