Wednesday, July 13, 2011

you know your favorite sweater.....

  1. well now it can now be your skirt!  i bought this 100%, xxl cotton men's sweater at a garage sale for $1. 
  2. then i turned it upside down, added elastic to the waist. 
  3. cut off the top of the sweater at a length that was right for me--which mock me now-- is only like 23 inches--yes i am short. 
  4. i then cut the sleeves off, square to the sides, which made an automatic side slits.
  5. using my sewing machine knit stitch i reinforced the edges (as opposed to hemming the edges, i wanted no bulk) and the side effect was a slight ruffly edge:) 
oh, my summer of skirts hasn't stopped, i just haven't been blogging them.  i have no excuses except summer vacation has been happening!  yay!