Wednesday, February 2, 2011

outfit 15--orange sunshine

a lady says to me in sam's club "i wish it were always as sunny as you are!"  and my response, that is exactly why i wear this outfit--when i am sick of the winter gloom!  today was sunny but it reached about 11 degrees high. for us utahns, that is COLD! my sister in MN is probably saying--WHINER, so i shall now proceed with the outfit description.
thrifted white shirt--old navy--$5
orange vesty thing--tj maxx--$5
skirt--who knows, but love it
tights--old navy a long time ago--sad day because they got two runs in them:( anybody know where i can get more obnoxious and inappropriate colors for people my size and age?  thanks
boots--sam's club--seasonal item $40, on clearance now for $20:)
grandma linda's brooch of pearls and cubic zirconium = lucky me
grandma marjorie's necklace of pearls and cubic zirconium = lucky me