Friday, February 25, 2011

outfit 29--snow in morning, sun in afternoon

the boots dictated part of the outfit today....i needed warm shoes as it was snowing this morning

 the importance of next few pictures is that i am squinting because of the sun....

 the skirt has some really cute embroidered detail  on it

starting from the bottom up:
boots--sam's club  $40
socks--sam's club $10
skirt--thrifted Venezia $5
t-shirt--down east $?
jacket--Lane Bryant $clearance
necklace--ten thousand that the world market place?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

outfit 28--nautical or political?

well, i had first started off the morning with white nylons....but by the time i got to school and walked down the hallway they had begun to slip down and pull my underwear with it...and if your an endowed mormon you know what THAT mean...extra white around the calves....not a good wardrobe moment:) HAH!
then, we have this totally dorky male teacher who says inappropriate things all the time and says-- (imagine with me, as i mock him, in a very low voice, bouncing my head back and forth)-- uh, very patriotic today"--i say, thanks but not quite the look i was going for, i mean jackie o could wear some pearls but i don't think that is what HE meant, really?....and so I walk away....
 oh, but grandma's pearls make me happy juxtapositioned against the sparkly red tank!
and the comfy red dansko mary janes.  the striped socks came as an emergency lunch time fill in when the nylons ended up in the garbage after the morning underwear fiaso....
the dress in lane bryant $? since i always buy clearance i guess less than $20
the tank is lane bryant, same deal,
socks came from sam's club in a seasonal display 3 pr. for $10,
shoes dansko about $80,
vest is "free country" brand and i think it is from sam's club, too 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

outfit 27--comfortable around the waist

oh, please i need a "whambulance" i threw up again last nightt at 2 am. 
 i am going to say it was the KFC dinner....haven't had that fast food for awhile and won't have it for another great while.....combined with yesterday's allergy testing i was so tired this morning i really thought it was saturday when my alarm went off.....
this is me showing off my hair that i forgot to finish doing:
i usually gel it and blow dry it
and then put some other hair crap in it--totally forgot:) 
 this is me kinda smiling because of a cold sore on my lip--
"i hear the sirens of whambulance approaching closer and closer...."
side shot--showing off the lack lane bryant comfy stretch pants--don't remember the cost on sale
the venezia brand (lane bryant off brand) shirt with tie--don't remember the cost on sale
mary jane dansko shoes and comfy cotton socks from kohl's
this is a close-up of the print on the shirt.  pretty funky it. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

outfit 26--gray ruffly skirt and purple tights with green jacket

 i am so excited about this post i hardly know where to start.  first of all, here i am in the allergy specialists office, sitting and waiting for my appointment.  after last weeks flu and 2nd sinus infection in 2 months i decided to "get tough" on sinusitus!
still waiting for the initial instructions but man are those gray ruffles and purple tights so cute!
 here are what the tests looked like!  i am such a science nerd and the nurse jamie was so accommodating to take a picture of my back....looks like i am allergic to house dust, cats (duh--i have 3) junipers, dogs, cattle, thistle, and probably a few other seasonal things.

 now i am waiting for the doctor to come in and talk to about options...why not have a self photo shoot? 

 leaning up against the bed with oh so sanitary paper on it (yeah, right)  have you felt protected just because the paper was there? 
 anyway it has a good spot to put my foot up pose
here is how i wore the outfit on sunday-remember--mormons get to wear their outfits twice:)
here is part of the reason i am so excited about this post--i MADE the freakin' adorable skirt! YEEHAW! no pattern--big long rectangle, like 2 1/2 yards of gray nylon.  measured the 25' length for the skirt (i am only 5'2") out of the width of fabric.   then with the rest of the width i cut two 10" widths for the ruffle.  i first hemmed both top and bottom of the two ruffle peices with my roll hem foot. then using my ruffle foot i ruffled them every 6th stitch.  i sewed each ruffle on top of the length of skirt.  i added a thin elastic band to the top and then sewed one seam down the back and voila!
green jacket--lane bryant clearance $10--taliored by my friend Jevann
purple t-shirt--august silk-is that walmart? can't remember
belt--DI--$3--score big time because it is actually women's size!
skirt--me--from fabric in a bag of thrifted fabric $4
purple tights--lane bryant--can't remember cost
shoes--sam's club--$9.71

Friday, February 18, 2011

outfit 25--"jedi" bog coat, patterned tights

So I say to my husband, "How do you like this bog coat I made?" 
he says, "you look like a jedi"
I say, "pretty sure that's code for 'i'm the sexiest thing you've ever seen, right?"
He is such a NERD!
In the ensuing conversation I learned that orange was the color of some the jawas
as opposed to the brown of the jedis
and ben kenobi had the dark brown.
(well, who didn't know that?--most of us)
 These tights rock!  I can't even remember where I got them but I love the pattern. 
Earrings from Cato's--$5,
sweater from Chicos--gift from mom-in-law,
Venezia tank from Lane Bryant--on sale,
Skirt from Fashion Bug--long ago purchase,
Dansko shoes--$100
Bog Coat--piece of fabric in a saver's bag of fabric--$2.50

throughout the day I had several students want to
try the jedi coat on,
want to learn to make one
and call me "master coleman"...
that makes for a fun day in jr. high:)
another version with knee highs, with the leopard shoes, a white shirt and a handmade necklace that rocks 

outfit 24--blue, belt and beige

 i took some quick pics right before heading home to be sick for two days--flu and sinus infection=yuck!  these old navy blue pants are a hand-me-up from my sister amanda--you want them back?  come get 'em:) 
 the sweater is a *gasp* thrift store find $5, love the shape and versatility of the color and the collar!
 the t-shirt is down-east home and and belt is my first hand sewn version from this tutorial

Monday, February 14, 2011

outfit 23--pastel purple wool coat

okay this is another awesome thrift store find: this wool jacket was a half-price tag sale at savers
so it was $3.50.  it is a liz claiborne lana and rabbit hair wool.  i love it! 
the scarf is a thrift store find, $1 , it is polyester blend, i usually prefer and only buy cotton.  
i made an exception because it is super soft and i love the colors. 
the day was warmish and very gray,
with a touch of wind
my sinus's say i need sleep today!
the t-shirt is old navy thrifted $5--nothing special price, but a 3/4 sleeve white scoop neck is always needed
accented with a crocheted flower from my friend
all together:  with cute gray flats from sam's club with purple polka dots and bows $10
a southern utah desert flower in the legume family,
in the purple color scheme
to remind me of yummy summer days ahead!

Friday, February 11, 2011

outfit 22--jungle belt to tie it all together

aren't these fabric kitty panels fabulous?  well, I needed a belt, not wall hangings....
 so following the tutorial on sew4home I made the edges of the panels into a belt

Here is where I made this skirt out of a pair of pants and my first belt with the sew4home tutorial

 green sweater $1 (bachrach brand)
brown t-shirt ? (down east)
up-cycled beige skirt $5 (lane bryant pants)
 pop of color belt--handmade~$2.50 (hint: fabric from Savers, belt buckle from a DI belt)
brown boots--$40 (Sam's Club)