Tuesday, July 19, 2011

khaki comfortable for flying through imaginations!

shirt is venezia from lane bryant, skirt was a pair of a lane bryant 'long' pants that i refashioned into a skirt, black dansko sandals.
our family has been spending the summer tuesdays going on local field trips in Utah 
today we took exit 338 off I-15 and went to the airplane museum 
i highly recommend it! 
my two 4 yr. old nephews didn't stop talking for the whole two hours we were there!  we used words like propeller, torpedo, busted, bombed, rocket, and all sorts of other words that most 4 yr. olds can't wait to use!
This is me with my 2 yr. old neice who i think is in pre-engineering training....:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

men's shirt ripped and sewn into a skirt

 so comfortable!
love the sandals--btw the turquoise is over spray from a spray paint project...i don't know how my apt. manager is going to feel when it won't come off the cement:)
 little pocket left in from the ralph laruen shirt i cut up into strips to sew together
 some of my favorite, most versatile earrings ever, found in a little shop in Panguitch UT.

a bit of a hairdo crisis of late...not sure of the upkeep of being blond, not sure of going longer, love being short...so i am taking photos to assess....

Friday, July 15, 2011

britney spears t-shirt!

oh yes ladies that is a brittney spears t-shirt i am wearing with my favorite black skirt.  i went on vacation to Minnesota to visit on of my sisters and we saw brittney perform in St. Paul.  it was a GREAT show! Nicki Minaj opened and she also put on a great show!  passionate dancing is something my sister is good at and i appreciate.  there were some nice curvy back-up dancers-- all muscular and energetic.  the sets were great, the energy was high and it was some great fun! 

brittney original t-shirt
fashion bug black skirt
red dansko sandals
chico earrings

Thursday, July 14, 2011

other refashioned favorite skirt

this is one of  my favorite skirt outfits for the summer. 
this skirt was once a long vertical length skirt and made it a horizontal short skirt. 
i love the colors and pattern. 

shirt--fashion bug, skirt--refashioned, shoes--dansko

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

you know your favorite sweater.....

  1. well now it can now be your skirt!  i bought this 100%, xxl cotton men's sweater at a garage sale for $1. 
  2. then i turned it upside down, added elastic to the waist. 
  3. cut off the top of the sweater at a length that was right for me--which mock me now-- is only like 23 inches--yes i am short. 
  4. i then cut the sleeves off, square to the sides, which made an automatic side slits.
  5. using my sewing machine knit stitch i reinforced the edges (as opposed to hemming the edges, i wanted no bulk) and the side effect was a slight ruffly edge:) 
oh, my summer of skirts hasn't stopped, i just haven't been blogging them.  i have no excuses except summer vacation has been happening!  yay!