Tuesday, February 8, 2011

outfit 19--red and beige--silk and lace

 pretty sure this red silk QVC find was picnic table inspired.  however, at $1, i could not pass it up.  it was chunky and square and i knew i need to slim it up. 
the lace strips on the beige shirt underneath also came from a $1 find that had holes in the netting, but i loved the texture of the lace. 
 so the unveiling happens on a cold winter's day after a chick-fil-a dinner for CHD fundraiser at the District,

 the long coat was a thrift store buy many years ago...awesome!  a red scarf to keep the wool off my neck
 buffy to help, too
and a close up, trimmed the sleeves, the bottom 1/2 of the shirt, the buttons and the collar off.  sewed a 3" interfaced strip at the bottom of the shirt for the ties, scooped out the neck, roll hemmed the rest and voila!
added more lace strips on the t-shirt, used a red thread and zig zag stich for contrast.  wore a thrift store gypsy skirt, my camel colored boots and there you have my outfit.  t-shirt--walmart $3, lace top $1, silk top $1, thrifted skirt DI $5, boots--sam's club $40.  thanks for your comments friends and family!