Thursday, September 15, 2011

simply awesome!

 Cheesy Grin!  I have been going through some amazing life transformations lately.  I have been attending these life conferences called Landmark Education.  Have you heard of them?  Google them! Find them in your city and attend.  It has been worth every pinched penny I have paid! 
 For example, I realized that some of the things that I am really good at:  being loyal, funny and intuitive, have a certain cost to my happiness. In other words, they have served as such a driving force that I almost don't have a choice to be any different.  I know that those sentence read funny and part of that is the language of Landmark.  The other part is that you would think that something you are good at is always positive:  I am suggesting that I was feeling trapped in that identity.  Thus, it has been freeing to realize I don't have to BE any way.  I can just BE. 

I had a day with a simple outfit that just felt awesome!  It is like the earrings, the lace top and the comfort of it all just worked out to make me feel great!  Oddly, because I hardly wear a "designer" outfit, all the clothes are from Lane Bryant.  The earrings are from a clearance at Wal-mart.