Thursday, January 27, 2011

outfit 11--this time, carribean cruise

this FABULOUS necklace was given to me by a student who went on a cruise to the caribbean.  can you believe that when he saw this necklace he says to his mom "that is so Mrs. Coleman"!  how sweet is that?  and he couldn't be more right--i wore it today because it was staff picture day, too!
So the other awesome thing about this outfit is the total cost: necklace--gift, shirt--Venezia turquoise shirt (a Lane Bryant brand) $1, Tanjay khaki pants from Dillards clearance for probably $10 or less, Rockport shoes so comfortable and aged that they don't count anymore:)

outfit 10--mexican sombrero skirt

I called this outfit "I wish I was in Sunny Mexico Outfit":  the coral sweater color reminds of the shells and beach houses along the coast and the skirt has many colors that go 'round and 'round like a sombrero hat:)

Coral sweater (white stag--which is wal-mart so only worth this price) for $1 and a ribbon and fabric accented skirt from Savers from a while back (don't remember the actual price but I wouldn't pay more than $8), three crocheted flowers from my friend Mrs. Fowler, they are on a magnet so they stick through the fabric!