Wednesday, January 19, 2011

outfit 5--rit dye on mauve lace

love the dansko shoes, these are my reddish mary janes, love them
this lace overlay was $1 at the Monday color tag sale at Savers. However, it was mauve...not a good color....mauve is never a good i took a dry packet of scarlet rit dye and dyed it!  it turned out AWESOME!  the ribbon, after seeing the pictures and wearing it once, might have to be replaced with a button or is still awfully mauve:(
the shirt underneath i bought oh so many years ago that i can't even remember how much they cost.  they are a downeast basic wonder tee.  spandex, comfortable and wonderful as a layering technique!  the pants are a lane bryant classic that i can't rave enough about and now i have worn gray two days in a row...
these are self-portraits while talking to my cousin--you do what you have to do because trav was at work!
i think i like to include a "what the heck face am i making here" shot to keep it real and humorous:)

outfit 4--gray and mint green

when i am in a more "feminine" mood i wear gray and this lovely mint green lane bryant skirt.  i can't believe i actually own something mint green again--hello 80's-- 
the gray shirt underneath is also from LB (probably around $10) , a thrift shop gray sweater ($3) of light thickness (missing a button part way down--maybe i should fix that)

the skirt only cost $5 at my local D.I.--have i mentioned i love thrift stores?
what the heck face am i making here?
awesome clearance jewelry from a boutique in Savage, MN., where one of my awesome sisters lives. I know i love pearls, i know i love long, gaudy necklaces so worth the investment.  my advice to buying jewelry...if you have a visceral response to something, BUY IT!
cotton spandex knee high socks (3 for $10 seasonal sale) 
terrsasole shoes  ($18 also seasonal sale)
both from sam's club if you can believe it:)
about a $40 outfit (without the jewelry) and all the gray is so so so interchangeable!