Monday, May 30, 2011

outfit 66 and 67--end of school year!

the last week of school is CRAZY!  i only remembered to take two pictures this last week before falling exhausted asleep or doing other things!  the other thing about this week was it was rainy and cold.  The above outfit is a thrifted sweater and a thrifted skirt. 
this outfit is when spring needs to happen is not happening!  the cover is silk and is warm and comfy.  although seeing it in pictures i don't love how short it is.  so, it has now become relegated to the "use as a pattern" pile and modify to love it. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

outfit 65--brother's shirt, husband's belt

we have had crazy weather here in SLC.  rainy, cloudy, windy, a few moments of sunshine then mostly rainy.  something like 30 out of the last 53 days have been rainy.  not a usual spring for us.  thus, i have still been able to wear my boots and longer sleeves.  i was also glad to find this GREAT shirt that is a 'hand me-up' from my brother!  

shirt-axiom (?)
tshirt-downeast home
skirt-refashioned by me
boots-sam's club

Friday, May 20, 2011

outfit 64--prep school pinks

came across a challenge to dress in menswear and using a tie.  
i have never worn a tie before because i usually don't like things that restrictive around my 
fat neck proportional neck:)  
our friend lincoln shared this tie with us in a house purge, which i am pretty sure he had since jr. high--love the vintage feel of it.  
the pink flannel shirt is a ralph lauren from my father in law, who passed away last year.
 thrifted men's belt
the skirt, knee highs and boots are just my comfy go to when it rains and snows!
it has been raining for like 5 days straight--i loved this outfit!  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

outfit 63--yellow, purple floral

i went out on a fashion limb:  i really wanted to wear these purple tights because it is May 17th and raining--still--and a little bit cold and A LOT gray.  in a way i guess i created my own fabric "garden" with the floral skirt and bright yellow sweater.   so the limb is, can a person this old and fat where this many colors? 
my limb says YES!  i LOVED this outfit.  it was comfortable and bright and challenged my comfort zone of wearing "matchy-match" clothes. 

a view of my necklace, a hint of the purple up top.
this is what i saw looking down.  it made me very happy!

sweater--old navy.  skirt--lane bryant.  tights--lane bryant.  shoes--thrifted.  jewelry--kohls

Saturday, May 14, 2011

outfit 61--coral and navy

my co-worker drives the green camaro in the is a what i call a "cute-butt" car.  it just has a GREAT shape.  one of our other co-workers, who pretends to know it all, called it a mustang--huh!  mustang's don't have near the cute butts! 
this outfit was about grandma linda's necklace, which is like plastic cups linked together. and the dankso shoes.  lane bryant pants and the thrifted sweater just matched:) 

outfit 62--private school uniform--somebody called it that

 butt shot
 boob shot
 headless shot
 what's up? shot
close up--i-am-actually-wearing-make-up-but-you-can't-tell-squinty-eye, awesome-vinyl-fabric-flower and gold-jewelry sunshine-in-the-face shot:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

outfit 60--bees and neon

this is me in front of my apiary, holding my bee suit.  i have just checked on my bees--they are in the turquoise boxes in the background!  the cute little girl workers have successfully released the queen and they are busy prepping the honeycomb for some serious egg laying!  the queen will eventually lay up to 1500 eggs daily! 
multicolored neon shirt--jtb woman--$?
black tank --$?
black pants--lane bryant--about $50
black shoes--dansko--modern shoe--about $100
grandma linda's black necklace
gold earrings--jcpenney

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

outfit 59--EBEW florals!

skirt, scarf and rosettes.  i like flowers.  what i couldn't believe was i had NO obnoxious floral outfit in my closet.
i guess what i mean by obnoxious is overly bright, large and inappropriately sized print for a plus size girl to be wearing....sounds like something i would have.  i mean in jr. high i had red and yellow floral black jeans!
instead i have a skirt with mellow purple and green leaves on it.  I have a pastel purple floral scarf with rosettes i made from a favorite sweater!
black and purple/green flower skirt--zanana by saraf--thrifted--$5
purple tshirt-jones sport-sams club--
rosettes--made from an old fav. sweater--$0

Image 1264

outfit 58--i have got the blues

Saturday was a busy day hiving my package of bees.  last year was a rough year on my bees and i have lost 3 i am hoping to remedy the lack of beekeeping last year, with better management techniques this year.  You can check out my adventures here
I have only been stung 7 times, most of them my fault: i put my finger down on a bee, wasn't wear the bee suit to protect my head and one time a cute little thing flew up my pants.  I put elastic on the bottom of the pants after that:)
black t-shirt--sams club
blue shirt/jacket--thrifted $1
black knee high socks--sams club
black dansko mary janes

Saturday, May 7, 2011

outfit 57--shoulder pads and polyester, 90's style

some of the girls in my family got together to go see the movie "jane eyre".  i really enjoyed it!  then we met some of the boys in our family for dinner.  love, love, love, spending time with my family!

shirt--fashion bug--at least a decade old
pants--navy lane  bryant
earrings--(not pictured) gift from jessica

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

outfits 55-56, shiny floral top then gray ruffly skirt remixed

 lane bryant shiny shirt and black pants, dansko shoes

 sometimes i like to wear my hair flat. 
sometimes for dinner i eat french cut green beans straight out of the can
sometimes i laugh at really gross jokes, like "oil is like a dinosaur zit"  fossil fuel--get it?
 sometimes i like my music really loud--okay, most of the time
sometimes i like my "poptarts" like britney spears instead of my guitar based rock:)
sometimes i like enya and bluegrass, just for variety
 sometimes i can't believe how messy i let my house get during the work week
sometimes i would rather leave a pile of dirty clothes in the hall way waiting to be done,
than a clean pile of clothes on the couch to be folded
skirt--me, remixed here
tank--lane bryant
tshirt--sams club
sweater--thrifted--remixed here
tights--lane bryant
shoes--sams club
earrings--gift from melissa, jerusalem

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

outfit 54--maxi skirt and dress as shirt

 love the sun!  love the heat!  love the spring! 
 this is a leather belt that i made, it turned out a bit ruffly and i liked it!
 sweater dress--mossimo--thrifted--$1
skirt--lane bryant--thrifted--$5
belt--me--thrifted faux leather fabric
shoes--dansko--modern shoe--$100ish
here is my cute little garden of peas and lettuce!