Wednesday, February 23, 2011

outfit 27--comfortable around the waist

oh, please i need a "whambulance" i threw up again last nightt at 2 am. 
 i am going to say it was the KFC dinner....haven't had that fast food for awhile and won't have it for another great while.....combined with yesterday's allergy testing i was so tired this morning i really thought it was saturday when my alarm went off.....
this is me showing off my hair that i forgot to finish doing:
i usually gel it and blow dry it
and then put some other hair crap in it--totally forgot:) 
 this is me kinda smiling because of a cold sore on my lip--
"i hear the sirens of whambulance approaching closer and closer...."
side shot--showing off the lack lane bryant comfy stretch pants--don't remember the cost on sale
the venezia brand (lane bryant off brand) shirt with tie--don't remember the cost on sale
mary jane dansko shoes and comfy cotton socks from kohl's
this is a close-up of the print on the shirt.  pretty funky it.