Wednesday, April 27, 2011

outfit 52--keyhole belt, gold shimmery sweater

this belt is leather with a stamp a stamp on the back that says "ring of fire--downtown los angeles"  when i google that phrase i get nowhere that would give me a clue to its origins....but i love the belt's uniqueness and that i got it for $3 at D.I.! 
these earrings were clearanced for $1 at Wal-Mart....not a place i try to shop all that often, but i really liked these and they ended up clinching this outfit of gold and gray for me.  not a color combination that i would normally put together, either! 
the sweater is shimmery metallic gold and  was $1 at Savers!  whoo hoo!  it has no tags in itso i can't even tell you who made this either. 

what i can tell you is 1) that DO go see the movie african cats:  oh, the photography is AMAZING!  i must hold me a baby lion before i die (even if it kills me--which might be an acceptable option:)

2) time and the atonement heal: last year at this time my husband's dad was diagnosed with terminal esophogeal was the shortest/longest 11 weeks of our lives...although we both believe strongly in life after death it has been an extremely difficult year.  i am looking forward to June, just to have had the healing experience of TIME...

3) on a lighter note: do go get some chocolate peanut butter molten lava cake from chili' makes time worth it...maybe you go on date and see a movie and dessert afterwards? 

4)  this blog has been fun for me to have something to look forward to everyday and to find some really fun other fashion bloggers!