Saturday, February 22, 2014

Vitality, Passion and LOVE!!!!

I may be old (41.66 yrs), fat (230 lbs.) and have pain (symptoms of fibromyalgia).   


I am up to transforming what the words old, fat and pain mean= Vitality, Passion and Love!

I tried out for and made the Utah Jynx Women’s football team.  We are a full tackle, semi-professional league!  We play AZ, CA, CO, OR, NV, and WA!  In order to play, I am asking for $2500 in sponsorships to cover travel fees, equipment rental/ purchase and other team expenses (i.e. renting indoor soccer fields to practice).   There are two types of official sponsorships.  For $20 you can be a personal sponsor and your name goes in our program.  For Business sponsors, they start at $25 for one line of text in our souvenir program and go all the way up to $75,000 to be the single title sponsorJ Here is the link for full information. 

I am also accepting individual sponsorships to help me buy equipment and supplies.  Although the team has helmets and pads that I can rent, they do not fit well.  I am looking to purchase my own helmet, pads, girdles, under armor items and lineman gloves. 

Please sponsor today!