Friday, February 18, 2011

outfit 25--"jedi" bog coat, patterned tights

So I say to my husband, "How do you like this bog coat I made?" 
he says, "you look like a jedi"
I say, "pretty sure that's code for 'i'm the sexiest thing you've ever seen, right?"
He is such a NERD!
In the ensuing conversation I learned that orange was the color of some the jawas
as opposed to the brown of the jedis
and ben kenobi had the dark brown.
(well, who didn't know that?--most of us)
 These tights rock!  I can't even remember where I got them but I love the pattern. 
Earrings from Cato's--$5,
sweater from Chicos--gift from mom-in-law,
Venezia tank from Lane Bryant--on sale,
Skirt from Fashion Bug--long ago purchase,
Dansko shoes--$100
Bog Coat--piece of fabric in a saver's bag of fabric--$2.50

throughout the day I had several students want to
try the jedi coat on,
want to learn to make one
and call me "master coleman"...
that makes for a fun day in jr. high:)
another version with knee highs, with the leopard shoes, a white shirt and a handmade necklace that rocks 

outfit 24--blue, belt and beige

 i took some quick pics right before heading home to be sick for two days--flu and sinus infection=yuck!  these old navy blue pants are a hand-me-up from my sister amanda--you want them back?  come get 'em:) 
 the sweater is a *gasp* thrift store find $5, love the shape and versatility of the color and the collar!
 the t-shirt is down-east home and and belt is my first hand sewn version from this tutorial