Monday, January 31, 2011

outfit 13--the scarf that started it all

i think that this outfit is more about the scarf and the earrings.  The earrings i made with my friend jessica and they are long and lovely.  the scarf is a story:  about the time i started teaching, 8 or 9 years ago, i found this scarf in a grocery store parking lot.  it is 100% silk.  i was enamored--look for my special scarf post later this week. 
the shirt is $1 monday night savers find, gloria vanderbilt brand (is that wal-mart? anyway, the top detail fits a little loose and weird, so i am glad i am wearing a scarf and that i paid only $1.)

outfit 12--red westbound sweater

my mother in law bought me this awesome sweater from dillards, westbound woman brand (sale $10)
lane bryant pants--love them ($49)
lane bryant tank top--( sale $10)
red dansko mary janes from Modern Shoe--(can't remember, about $100)
seriously comfortable outfit, about the closest thing i come to jeans and a t-shirt

Thursday, January 27, 2011

outfit 11--this time, carribean cruise

this FABULOUS necklace was given to me by a student who went on a cruise to the caribbean.  can you believe that when he saw this necklace he says to his mom "that is so Mrs. Coleman"!  how sweet is that?  and he couldn't be more right--i wore it today because it was staff picture day, too!
So the other awesome thing about this outfit is the total cost: necklace--gift, shirt--Venezia turquoise shirt (a Lane Bryant brand) $1, Tanjay khaki pants from Dillards clearance for probably $10 or less, Rockport shoes so comfortable and aged that they don't count anymore:)

outfit 10--mexican sombrero skirt

I called this outfit "I wish I was in Sunny Mexico Outfit":  the coral sweater color reminds of the shells and beach houses along the coast and the skirt has many colors that go 'round and 'round like a sombrero hat:)

Coral sweater (white stag--which is wal-mart so only worth this price) for $1 and a ribbon and fabric accented skirt from Savers from a while back (don't remember the actual price but I wouldn't pay more than $8), three crocheted flowers from my friend Mrs. Fowler, they are on a magnet so they stick through the fabric!  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

outfit 8--purple gypsy skirt and brown cardigan thingy

The nice thing about being Mormon, you can wear the outfit you chose on Sunday for Monday! Hah! Unless of course your adorable nieces or nephews throws up on it--which they did not:)

I like these gypsy like skirts, they are super comfortable, pretty warm, and modest.  I guess i don't know if they are super flattering, but I am pretty sure that I don't care.  Thrift store find, probably about $5. 

The cardigan thing is a thrift store find from several years ago so I don't remember the price, the shirt underneath is a $1 from Savers:)--love those $1 Monday nights!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

outfit 9--revamped olive sweater into cardigan, vintage touches

okay so why is it that blacks have to be different colors..bleh.  anyway, i love this cardigan because i count it as a successful upcycle adventure. i cut up the center, cut off the sleeves, added the ruffle at the bottom and added an edge stitch to keep it from fraying. 

the ruffle at the bottom comes from the sleeves:)

thanks grandma zolman hildebrandt for the buttons.  thanks grandma nelson for the necklace.  these are some of the best memories i have of them:)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

outfit 7--black chicos and hand made bead

Several years ago Trav and I took an art class together and I made this square bead.  I then strung the strands and made the necklace.  I love the necklace and yet it is a heavy thing so I don't wear it very often.
This is the whole outfit, comfortable, fun but classy.  chico's pants, and Josephine Chaus top but chico style fabric, Dansko silver and black leopard print shoes! Who can resist patent leather leopard print if you grew up in the 80's? I mean, hello, hair band hommage--my fav--Van Halen!
True confession time:  if I could afford it, I would wear more chicos...I truly love their designs and colors and comfort.  And their jewelry is inspirational. 

outfit 6--decade old sweater re-vamp

So a decade ago short sweaters were in, now, not so much. I took the sweater, cut off the 8" bottom, and added the white skirt with elastic.  The bottom of the sweater had some great colored lines that I then used to make the fabric flower detail.  I am sure in another decade that flower won't be so popular!   
Up close flower detail!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

outfit 5--rit dye on mauve lace

love the dansko shoes, these are my reddish mary janes, love them
this lace overlay was $1 at the Monday color tag sale at Savers. However, it was mauve...not a good color....mauve is never a good i took a dry packet of scarlet rit dye and dyed it!  it turned out AWESOME!  the ribbon, after seeing the pictures and wearing it once, might have to be replaced with a button or is still awfully mauve:(
the shirt underneath i bought oh so many years ago that i can't even remember how much they cost.  they are a downeast basic wonder tee.  spandex, comfortable and wonderful as a layering technique!  the pants are a lane bryant classic that i can't rave enough about and now i have worn gray two days in a row...
these are self-portraits while talking to my cousin--you do what you have to do because trav was at work!
i think i like to include a "what the heck face am i making here" shot to keep it real and humorous:)

outfit 4--gray and mint green

when i am in a more "feminine" mood i wear gray and this lovely mint green lane bryant skirt.  i can't believe i actually own something mint green again--hello 80's-- 
the gray shirt underneath is also from LB (probably around $10) , a thrift shop gray sweater ($3) of light thickness (missing a button part way down--maybe i should fix that)

the skirt only cost $5 at my local D.I.--have i mentioned i love thrift stores?
what the heck face am i making here?
awesome clearance jewelry from a boutique in Savage, MN., where one of my awesome sisters lives. I know i love pearls, i know i love long, gaudy necklaces so worth the investment.  my advice to buying jewelry...if you have a visceral response to something, BUY IT!
cotton spandex knee high socks (3 for $10 seasonal sale) 
terrsasole shoes  ($18 also seasonal sale)
both from sam's club if you can believe it:)
about a $40 outfit (without the jewelry) and all the gray is so so so interchangeable!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

outfit 3--black on black with a touch of color

trav and i are getting better at taking pictures, and we will keep practicing.  i love black, i could wear it every day,  this collard shirt is another $1 lane bryant find and i love it because it doesn't bug my neck but it breaks up the solid black. 

tank top, flat laying collared shirt, favorite old navy cotton sweater and cute earrings with crocheted accent flowers to not appear like a "goth". or "emo"....
ladies, i love my lane bryant pants, they fit so well, worth every penny!  my dansko "lady janes" and we are set to teach those jr. highers! 

outfit 2--sheer color and gathered front

mostly i like the look on my face of this picture....this shirt looks pretty good on, but i am not sure now that i look at the photographs.  i got this Lane Bryant shirt at Saver's for $1 and the only thing "wrong" with it was the ribbon had come out of the middle.
so i took the ribbon completely out, got a safety pin and re-threaded it!  i think that the sleeves are too long and i could do something about that, like hem them or put elastic in them.  i like the softer colors of this shirt without it being too pastel.
i wear a good neutral tank top underneath and the layers keep me warm.  i accent it with one of my homemade wool flowers and i got several compliments at school....the pants i have had forever and they are an Old Navy taupe brown. 
don't you think the purple nails go great? 

Monday, January 10, 2011

outfit 1--gray and a shade of turquoise sweater

This is a kohl's, daisy fuentes,  sweater that i adore!  The color and cut seem to be flattering, in fact several daisy fuentes styles are adorable. I love that the sweater hits me above my boobs and accents at a flattering area:)  The gray lacy tank is a maurice's leftover from the laundry at the laundromat  = free and AWESOME!  The gray pants are an old navy buy from several years ago. 

The one area I don't usually skimp on is my shoes, are these not the cutest dansko ever?  If i could i would buy every style of dansko shoe that fit me..because i am on my feet all day and i like the dressier without heel shoe, these rock!  plug for "modern shoe" downtown provo--my favorite place to buy wide width shoes

Another shot of the shoe and the detail in the side of the pant = make all the difference