Saturday, January 22, 2011

outfit 7--black chicos and hand made bead

Several years ago Trav and I took an art class together and I made this square bead.  I then strung the strands and made the necklace.  I love the necklace and yet it is a heavy thing so I don't wear it very often.
This is the whole outfit, comfortable, fun but classy.  chico's pants, and Josephine Chaus top but chico style fabric, Dansko silver and black leopard print shoes! Who can resist patent leather leopard print if you grew up in the 80's? I mean, hello, hair band hommage--my fav--Van Halen!
True confession time:  if I could afford it, I would wear more chicos...I truly love their designs and colors and comfort.  And their jewelry is inspirational. 

outfit 6--decade old sweater re-vamp

So a decade ago short sweaters were in, now, not so much. I took the sweater, cut off the 8" bottom, and added the white skirt with elastic.  The bottom of the sweater had some great colored lines that I then used to make the fabric flower detail.  I am sure in another decade that flower won't be so popular!   
Up close flower detail!