Tuesday, March 8, 2011

outfit 35--i love pearls and dressbarn sweater $1

i am particular fond of my facial expressions in these pictures,
it shows the mood i might have been--
this year i end my teaching day in a particularly rough way
and some days it makes me grumpy
it makes me grumpy because i do the best i can to help them learn,
i want my students to do they best they can to learn,
and sometimes it seems these two things aren't meshing well--
(i hope it doesn't sound like i am complaining)
i have started two sewing projects: can't wait to have the energy to finish them:)
weather wise i had the best both of worlds
--snow in morning, sun in afternoon--
that is my favorite utah weather pattern
i love pearls--thanks sis and grandma
black and goldish sweater--thrifted dressbarn--$1
pants--lane bryant--$49.50 but i think i got them on sale
boots--cozie steps--sam's club--$40
necklaces--gold/pearls gift from my sister,
knotted pearls vintage from Grandma Linda,
extra long strand i can't remember