Friday, December 2, 2011

astronomical statistics....and a funny story

so, the other day i was reviewing my stats and was ASTOUNDED that during the weekend of thanksgiving i had over 200 hits on my website.  well, a fun friend had "pinned" me on their pinterest board!  thanks new friend;)

however, she said i was funny....not sure if looks are everything but it sure put some pressure on me:)
so here is the funny story of the day....the other day we are talking about balanced forces in my jr. high class and those that mean no movement is happening. i asked the class if they could come up with an example in the classroom.  a student answered 'the books on the shelf!"

in my ever so eloquent way I responded "yes, good, the books shitting on the self"........

purple tights--we love colors
black/white striped shirt--thrifted
dankso shoes
chicos earrings