Tuesday, February 1, 2011

outfit 14--long $1 wool vest

 did you read that right? you sure did! one cute little dollar for this fabulous worthington's (jcpenney) wool coat--washable!  i hear the sesame street count in the background..one cute little dollar, ahh ahhha ahhha hha..or however you would spell his laugh:)
 don't mess with these "guns" gangsta look, right?:)

all other items previously owned:  lane bryant pants, down east shirt, dansko mary janes and black fluffy socks with one handmade wool flower by moi and that is the outfit!
 sitting in my classroom, this is where i spend my days...cute little classroom!
oh, why not another shot of the classroom--see those binders behind me?  all curriculum:) what else do you want to ask me about my room?


  1. so dam cute. Can I see the other walls of your classropom, do you have a window? Any brightly colored displays to help manage winter doldrums? January is over!! WE can make it!! (I am saying this where it feels like -22)
    Love you big sis! :)

  2. ooo my fave so far!! I am coveting right now!