Thursday, February 3, 2011

outfit 16--brown silk cashmere sweater

 here is me in front of my tiny one window room and my largest bulletin board.  luckily i have yellow chairs.
this is my steal of the deal sweater: ralph lauren cashmere/silk sweater for $7 at savers.  i about peed my pants with that deal.  my dress is dillard's bechamel (clearance for about $10), knee high socks and boots from Sam's club $10 and $40
oh so cute, comfy and warm!
an extreme close up of the yummy sweater and its ruffles, is the collar and the ruffles an okay combination?


  1. Could not love that sweater more. I am so jealous of your find!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That sweater is a fabulous find! And you look great in it! Thanks for adding that to the Thrifty Thursday :)