Friday, February 18, 2011

outfit 24--blue, belt and beige

 i took some quick pics right before heading home to be sick for two days--flu and sinus infection=yuck!  these old navy blue pants are a hand-me-up from my sister amanda--you want them back?  come get 'em:) 
 the sweater is a *gasp* thrift store find $5, love the shape and versatility of the color and the collar!
 the t-shirt is down-east home and and belt is my first hand sewn version from this tutorial


  1. love the belt, and the combo of colors! You look great for someone about to be sick!

  2. that IS a great sweater. I'd probably wear it ever other day. Love the colors.

  3. for some reason blogger is covering the next post's comment link with this post's photo, but I MUST say the bog cloak is FAB! I like it with the b&w stripy shirt peeking out best. I love the drama!!! you go girl!

  4. I love a good thrift find! Especially one so versatile and cute :)