Wednesday, March 2, 2011

outfit 31--pattern of the 80's--turquoise and black checked

 turquoise black checked dress--lane bryant clearance
tank--don't know
socks--black knee highs from sam's club
okay, it could not have been a nicer day...i decided to have sub zero ice cream for  this dress makes me extremely happy because i am SURE i had this pattern back in my jr. high days!  it is a tank top style with a few ruffles peeking out so i have a black sweater over it but i love the length!


  1. SHUT UP! take off hoser! like by the power of greyskull, I want my MTV & that gnarly, bodacious to the max skirt dude! (no, I really do, seriously.)

  2. i know, like, totally, dude.....i think you could totally make one of these skirts easy peasy.... all these "maxi" skirts are so "in" and the taller you are the better they fit!