Friday, March 11, 2011

outfit 37--fav red shirt and new fabric flower

one of the only times i have splurged and paid full price for a shirt at lane bryant--it is because i didn't want to risk it being gone by the time they went on sale or clearance.  i love it and it is so, so comfortable.  maybe i flatter myself, but i think it flatters me:)
making a dress out of the hounds tooth knit (can't wait!) with the leftovers made this fabric flower corsage.  the third and largest flower is made out of a vintage trim i found at DI.  i just pleated it around into a circle and hot glued it! 
love my soft leather dansko mary janes--i bought them several seasons ago and haven't seen them available again:(
today the weather was like 60 degrees--awesome--getting ready to plant some flowers and tomatoes, teaching the youth beekeeping class and take a nap:)


  1. I love that shirt on you, the flower is cute. I really envy you those shoes, I have to admit!