Tuesday, April 19, 2011

outfit 49--denim weight turquoise skirt

i am mostly happy with how this skirt turned out, it is my latest thrifted piece of fabric creation!  it is a wrap-around, i love the ruffle and the color for sure!
  1. i am deciding about the length (i think it could be a tad shorter), 
  2. would the bottom edge be better with a ruffle or would it be TOO much?
  3. and i would love to have pockets--i think i could add them on top, without cutting into the skirt:)
 the newest dansko purchase--do they make you as happy as they make me?  tennis clogs--LOVE!
 skirt detail

two blue tshirts--down east and faded glory
socks--sam's club
necklace--walmart (thank you for coming through on color and clearance! $5)


  1. I really love the peach/pink outfits with brown. I wouldn't think to put blue and this fun orange together but I might just try it out in my own wardrobe--I like it a lot. I LOVE YOU IN KNEE LENGTH SKIRTS!!! If you haven't posted how to make this skirt I hope you do soon. I would love to make it. The ruffle looks tricky but so worth it!

  2. Great color mixing, I love your necklace & your skirt. It's so cute :)

  3. i LOVE that skirt! and i gasped--out loud, in the basement, by myself mind you--at the awesomeness that is your shoe sole. glorious. i love the wrap ruffle of your skirt...i'm trying to envision it with a ruffle around the hem, too, and i think i like the mental pic. but it sounds hard to do, which is the answer in and of itself if you're lazy like me. which you're probably not. but anyways. love the color combos here.
    oh, and thanks for linking up today!