Tuesday, May 10, 2011

outfit 59--EBEW florals!

skirt, scarf and rosettes.  i like flowers.  what i couldn't believe was i had NO obnoxious floral outfit in my closet.
i guess what i mean by obnoxious is overly bright, large and inappropriately sized print for a plus size girl to be wearing....sounds like something i would have.  i mean in jr. high i had red and yellow floral black jeans!
instead i have a skirt with mellow purple and green leaves on it.  I have a pastel purple floral scarf with rosettes i made from a favorite sweater!
black and purple/green flower skirt--zanana by saraf--thrifted--$5
purple tshirt-jones sport-sams club--
rosettes--made from an old fav. sweater--$0

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