Wednesday, May 4, 2011

outfits 55-56, shiny floral top then gray ruffly skirt remixed

 lane bryant shiny shirt and black pants, dansko shoes

 sometimes i like to wear my hair flat. 
sometimes for dinner i eat french cut green beans straight out of the can
sometimes i laugh at really gross jokes, like "oil is like a dinosaur zit"  fossil fuel--get it?
 sometimes i like my music really loud--okay, most of the time
sometimes i like my "poptarts" like britney spears instead of my guitar based rock:)
sometimes i like enya and bluegrass, just for variety
 sometimes i can't believe how messy i let my house get during the work week
sometimes i would rather leave a pile of dirty clothes in the hall way waiting to be done,
than a clean pile of clothes on the couch to be folded
skirt--me, remixed here
tank--lane bryant
tshirt--sams club
sweater--thrifted--remixed here
tights--lane bryant
shoes--sams club
earrings--gift from melissa, jerusalem

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