Wednesday, February 9, 2011

outfit 20--blue bellbottoms, not bluebell bottoms--hah!

i am so witty:)  this was a lane bryant clearance buy: i guess i probably spent no more than $10 for each the pants, tank top and the white shirt underneath. i am wearing my brown dansko clogs with thick cotton brown socks. 

what kind of jewelry would you wear with this? royal blue is not a color scheme i have on hand, and this style of clothing does not seem to have an obvious jewelry shape/accent to it.  i guess earrings of some sort..chunky? slim? wire? short?  anyway....
isn't that a cute kitty clock in the background? when annie and i went to korea i think annie bought it for me, i planned on paying her back, i don't know if i ever did...i should ask her, maybe?

Professional Antique Brown Oileddansko

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  1. I love the pattern of your top, and I love the color, too! Way to go on keeping things exciting in your wardrobe... the other day Mom and Laura came over and they both said something like, "Wow, Natalie, I think I've seen you wear that shirt every time I've seen you in the past month!" Okay, so I'm busted... just because it's a favorite doesn't mean you should wear it every other day. :(