Thursday, February 10, 2011

outfit 21--red and turquoise

 pretty sure that when i was in 5th grade i thought red and turquoise were going to be my wedding reception colors.  i love these colors together!  the foot in the air side shot--woohoo!
 so i taking hints from YOU PEOPLE who fashion blog and trying to do unnatural poses to show off my clothes--how this head down look?  the top of my faux hawk/pixie haircut is pretty cute:)

 my cute little foot up does show off my shoes a bit better
a shot without the jacket as the temperature continues to increase during the day in my school room, more children breathing = more heat = less clothing:)

1)  $1 red shirt from Saver's (Quacker Factory--never heard of it)
2)  "the only thing i will ever knit in my life scarf"--cost of yarn, $1 million dollars mental anguish
3)   skirt thrifted so long ago, Hillard and Hansen, which i think is Mervyn's which is out of business:)
4)  black tights--lane bryant--can't remember cost
5)  red leather mary janes--dansko--$80-$100
6)  turquoise jacket--sunset cove--Dillards, clearance around $10
7)  crocheted flower gift from my friend who does like that stuff!
8)  earrings--me!


  1. I've just discovered your blog, and I love it! I too am a bit "Fluffy" as my sister says. It can be difficult to be fashionable at our size sometimes. I have to say I drool over those red mary janes! Where do you buy dansko? I'll be checking on your blog everyday!

  2. red & aqua are a favorite combo of mine too. My kitchen is currently veering in that direction and I always make it a point to wear something brilliantly turquoise to church on the Sunday before Christmas when everyone else is wearing red.

  3. I absolutely love this color combo too. I didn't realize it but my house is pretty much that color combo. It really looks so nice together. This is one of my favorite outfits yet--I really like the flower!