Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my camera is still on the fritz!

okay, so like, i ordered this replacement camera
--you know--and it came and everything 
and i was SOOOO happy 
and then I went to use it and, 
like, totally, can you believe it DIDN'T work!
--i am lost without it.....
so like, luckily i ordered it off amazon.com and they have
.....like the best return policy----
ever, but in the meantime
--still no pictures of my awesome cute-fat-short outfits


  1. That sucks. I hope you get it fixed - your readers miss you!

  2. I hope it gets fixed soon! I hate camera drama.

  3. oh no!! i would seriously be lost without the camera. you're a trooper. and hooray for amazon's return policy, no? good luck, my dear.

  4. So I have to tell you I hope it gets fixed soon too! I sincerely look forward to your fashion creations. It was a highlight to my day--and I hope it will be again soon! Thank you for your comments on my blog. I think of you often!