Tuesday, April 12, 2011

outfit 42--yee-freakin'-haw! camera is back!

so excited about getting my camera in the mail today 
my first picture was the most unexciting one possible!  
one of my legs and shoes in my passenger seat of my husband's car on the way to date night!  

we saw the movie "source code".  highly recommend it!  
and then we went to chili's for dinner where mr. man took the other pictures 
while we waited 40 minutes to be called in!  
because it was outdoor lighting i tried the different ISO setting to see if they made a difference.
ISO 50--mr. man did not notice the collar issue, but the outfit is
lane bryant striped shirt = $?
fashion bug black skirt = $?
Kmart leather jacket = $?
nylons = i can't believe they worked and fit:)
shoes = sam's club = $20
chico earrings = $?

ISO 100
ISO 200--in the mean time, i have gone to be a red-head!  i love it! 
it is probably going to be a transition between the platinum blond to dark, 
because red is difficult and expensive to keep up 
while swimming everyday in the summer!
ISO 400--pretty much i don't notice a difference in the ISO settings, do you?  

1 comment:

  1. glad your back!
    oh men! why don't they notice things like colars? but then again, maybe it's nice that they don't.