Saturday, August 20, 2011

i got dressed today! (hee hee)

This morning I went to a political meeting about education reform, public land use and immigration.  I have strong opinions about the first two issues and purposefully stay ignorant about immigration.  My current senator is Aaron Osmond and State Rep. is Ken Ivory.  I am pleased with the conservative way, in true repbulican platform, they are approaching giving power back to the locasl in education.  Sen. Osmond has some great ideals on empowering local elected boards to run local schools. A truly innovative idea modeled after something he has seen in Australia. Ken Ivory is working on reclaiming our claim on state lands and use of them.  Oh, idealism.....
Thus, I got dressed today!  I have "fresh" hair--so happy with it!  It has two colors of blond weaved in between my brown weith a pixie cut that I can wear messy and cute!  If you live in the Salt Lake Valley and are looking for a hair dresser, I would recommend Alicia Eby at Amber Rene Salon.  Tell her I sent you so I can get a referral discount! 
Cute fabric hair flower I made, if you want one...let me know!  I have a few extra:)  p.s. the flips are a gift from my cousin in Austin, TX.  they are SO SO SO comfortable! 


  1. Aw your little flower clip in your hair is adorable! Your messy cut is really cute too.

  2. You're looking fabulous! Love the flower clip.